Who is PatzerPower?

I’m Alexander Patzer systemic coach and medium/reader.

I was born as a clairvoyant child in the former GDR. Due to my predisposition, I started in my early 20s to be strongly interested in far eastern techniques and methods and to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.


When I became a father at the age of 30, I started my self-employment as a yoga therapist and fitness trainer. I opened my first yoga and pilates studio "Ruhepool". There I trained mainly women from different walks of life. In the process, I became aware of this one thing: What great truth lies in our body and how important it is to deal with the body and keep it alive in dynamic processes, so that the soul knows where it is at home in its infinite field. This is especially true for traumatized people.


Our body is the home of our soul and the morphogenetic field is its habitat.


After 10 years of intensive work with women, I decided to do a course in tantra.


I opened my tantra massage studio for men: "Männerhort". I had no idea of the enormous need men of all sexual orientations had for appreciative, unintentional and loving touch from man to man. My opinion of men has systematically changed to one of benevolence and understanding. The level of sensitivity, security, respect, dignity, delicacy, appreciation and vulnerability that was revealed to me in the "Männerhort” amazed me and left me speechless. 


I became curious and wanted to know this: If men act and open up completely differently under certain non-systemic pre-programmed paradigms, what about women? I found answers in my training courses to become a couples and sex therapist and as a systemic coach. At the same time, I decided to train as a Morphic Field Reader - the modern term for "being a medium". This enabled me for the first time in my life to control my clairvoyance and thus put it into a professional framework and make it useful for myself and other people.


I founded the "Frauenhort”. Since then I have been coaching and reading women and men. There, similar to my tantra studio, this important fact became clear to me: When people are immersed in a non-systemic pre-programmed set and setting, the opposite of what has been socially indoctrinated and conditioned is revealed. Through coaching and reading with me, there is a new inner alignment and guidance, towards one's own calling. Potentials can be used in everyday life, people can finally breath and live freely again. A cooperative, concentric, pulsating and prosperous lifestyle for all participants is established.


This is where PatzerPower brings together what was previously systemically separate and divided.

I live, work and love real “full-circle” moments and, even more so, real “full-potential” events.



Your Alexander Patzer

Power Coachings

Systemic Power Coaching :


Systemic Power Coaching is your way to find your authentic callings in your private, professional and social environment and to realign your life.


Systemic means: We look on the basis of your goal and mission formulation, which interactions are blocked within your environment and need stimulation, support and promotion. Through targeted process-oriented coaching, consulting, questions and homework, you get the tools and equipment to go into the full realization of your potential.


From my experience with my clients, I often find that people don’t have an actual problem themselves, they are “merely” carriers of the issues and conflicts. The systems in which they live and interact are simply no longer appropriate. This is where systemic coaching comes in: It changes your perspective in how you look at things and the environment. Tools and techniques that are specifically tailored to you personally allow you to realign and reshape your life at your own pace and rhythm.




This is an exciting and always rewarding process, because you blossom and feel freer and more alive as you take your life back into your own hands in a more self-determined, healthily boundaried and self-caring way.


You have already taken the first step by realizing that you need professional support.




All coachings are offered face to face or online.


Click here for prices and booking options: PatzerPower | Webseite und Online-Buchungen (

Paar- & Sexual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching


What is the most valuable and important relationship in your life?

That's right, the one with yourself.


In individual coaching we will work on your self-efficacy in a resource-oriented way based on the following principles:


Self-determination through personal responsibility

Centering through healthy boundaries

Development through self-care


Based on these three foundations, we explore your callings, desires, dreams, possibilities and opportunities.


What does this look like in concrete terms?


At the beginning there is your mission and goal formulation. Based on this, we clarify your existing and hidden resources and design a constructive plan on how you can most effectively get to the fulfillment of your mission.


That means, together we design strategies how you can profitably and cooperatively realize your callings, potential, dreams and desires in everyday life.


For this you will receive tools and techniques from me, which we will adapt again and again as you progress, so that you can successfully and, above all, happily and contentedly shape your life.


All coachings are possible face to face or online.

Click here for prices and your personal booking options:  PatzerPower | Webseite und Online-Buchungen (

Alternative Relationships Coaching

Alternative Relationships Coaching 


Every week, women and men sit before me in floods of tears, no longer understanding their constructed world.

In years of grueling processes, liveliness, attraction, freedom, spontaneity, curiosity and genuine cooperative exchange die in a "bonfire of frustration".

In the search for culprits, all parties involved dig new trenches - there can only be losers. It is usually children and shared social contacts who suffer.

First of all, let me assure all those who feel affected by this of the following:


"It is not you who are wrong, the system in which you live no longer serves you."

An Alternative Relationships Coaching runs as follows:


Step 1: In a benevolent exchange, I show you what is good, valuable and important about your previous relationship concept.


Step 2: We filter out what is still valuable and effective about your connection. Which benevolent resources are present. These will be enlivened and supported.


Step 3: We clarify that you are honorable people who have done nothing wrong. No alternative, transgressive offers have been made to you yet.


Step 4: We clarify what all participants need in order to move through this process healthy, stronger and safe.


Step 5: I introduce you to alternative relationship concepts and the appropriate tools and methods to integrate them into your daily life in a caring way.


Step 6: You formulate your new relationship mission. Each of you for yourself.


Step 7: You formulate your rules. You can't do without them.


Step 8: I offer you communication strategies on how to communicate this to your environment. Allow yourself to be a source of inspiration for others.


Step 9: The greatest love of all is the relationship with yourself.


I will accompany you as long as you wish. The most important thing is that you are not alone in this process. It is the start of a truly fulfilling time - which can last for the rest of your life.


All coaching sessions are available face to face or online.


Click here for prices and your personal booking options: PatzerPower | Webseite und Online-Buchungen (

Power Reading

What is the morphic field?


All spiritual traditions, whether tao, tantra, yoga, sufi, kabbalah, rosicrucian etc. have always known about this separation of the material and the spiritual world and how to remove it using certain techniques.


These days you can rediscover these abilities in morphic field trainings and workshops and refine them for yourself.


How does a reading work?


During your reading you give me consent to read your field. I "connect" on a spiritual level - physical contact is not necessary. I am a medium and read your field with closed eyes based on your questions.


You can ask anything: past and present are fixed. For the future there are several tendencies for each topic. Therefore, the future cannot be predicted. Why not? Because no one can know how you will decide based on your free will.


Please be clearly aware that what I read for you as a neutral medium is from your field, it has nothing to do with me. I do not interpret, point, evaluate or manipulate.


It is only about you.


That alone is so amazing and fascinating for many people, because they have probably never really experienced it in this clarity.


Your field is always benevolent and proactive, that is, developmental. If you want to take your life, your destiny, the fulfillment of your wishes and dreams confidently into your own hands, then your reading is the right start.

Why should you have your field read?


Well, why not?


Who wouldn't want more information to make your life easier in all areas and provide a great and important decision-making tool.


Think of your reading as plugging in and consulting your emotional and psychological navigation system. You can now walk your emotional map with precise directions. Isn't that great?


I highly recommend the reading, you get deep insights from it. What you do with the information, how and whether you implement it in your everyday life, is always up to you.


You are welcome to record the reading on your cell phone. I recommend this because it is impossible to remember the wealth of information. The nice thing is when you listen to the recording again in 2-3 years and realize what you have courageously implemented and realized in the meantime.


All readings are possible face to face or online.


Click here for prices and your personal booking options: PatzerPower | Webseite und Online-Buchungen (

Power Training = MFI

MFI = Morphic Field Instructor


The MFI training enables you to strengthen your subtle, sensitive and intuitive abilities. After the training you are equipped with a systemic toolset and are able to generate the most effective benefits for you and your clients. This means concretely that your subtle channels will be strengthened and you will gain active access to the morphic field.


There is a clear difference to other trainings of this kind: It goes further in a targeted way and you are the central focus. It is deliberately designed as a one-on-one training and it is a great honor for me as a trainer to be able to respond to you 100%.


The MFI allows you to step out of the role of the passive-hypnotic reader/medium and together with your clients - or just for yourself - to make the field experienceable, tangible and effectively usable.


In addition to the systemic tool set, you will also learn the cooperative mind set. This is the basis of adult, healthy consensual communication, centering and self-care. This means that the MFI training gradually strips away the linear, bipolar thinking of the survivalist paradigm and leads you and your clients to a new human behavior. The invitation to wide-ranging, vibrant behavior welcomes engaging togetherness based on individual strengths.


The MFI training is 4 days in total. You decide at what intervals you want to do your training. 




Day 1. Contact Field


Day 2. Integration


Day 3. Systems


Day 4. Mission


All trainings are available face to face or online.


Click here for prices and your personal booking options: PatzerPower | Webseite und Online-Buchungen (

Power Work Shop = ISL

ISL = Inner Self Leadership


Why is ISL important right now?

Our world has become tangibly more complex for everyone. The challenges are becoming more extreme every day.


For many people, "The Big Change" is palpable and unstoppable. In order to navigate these overwhelming global causalities, inner guidance is needed. An ISL is needed that allows us to move from the survival struggle "everyone against everyone" to a life design based on the paradigm of far-sighted cooperation. Understanding one's own situation and shaping self-efficacy in the mirror of global systems is the benefit and purpose of ISL - Power Work Shop.


Inner leadership is an important and creative tool. The effect is a pulsating, concentric togetherness and creates the important confidence for the future, which we all urgently need to find collectively creative togetherness. Calling on the ISL- Power Work Shops for this is a good start.


To develop new behavior, you need techniques, methods and tools. Specifically, I offer you adapted psychological-therapeutic, coaching-training and spiritual-energetic techniques for applied resource building.


In the three-day Power Work Shop you will experience and refine your personal ISL and you will have the pleasure of consciously experiencing the PatzerPower effect. This “aha” and synergy effect brings you into the Self-Leadership Mindset. Final and afterwards you implement in your daily life what it takes to shape this world, whether privately, professionally or socially.




Everyone, regardless of origin, affiliation, identity, orientation and confession is now invited to lead and to live and celebrate the ISL. Elitist, divisive, dysfunctional and irresponsible paradigms are old-school, yesterday's news. 

Inner Self Leadership means presence.


PatzerPower for a future where we all feel at home.


Anfragen, Buchungen, Informationen und Terminvereinbarungen

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